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Coweta Beats Wagoner 2021


Tommy Cehand #42

Tommy has played football for the last 6 years.  His position has been linebacker. He is living his favorite memory right now being able to go to the State Playoffs. Tommy wants to be an electrician when he finishes High School at Coweta. 


Owen McNatt #23 aka "the midget marine!!" 

  Owen plays corner back for the Coweta Tigers Varsity team.  He has played football for 7 years. His favorite moment would have to be when Johnny Fadeyev got a pick 6!! Owen loves playing football because he loves being with his brothers. His future plans are to go to college to study zoology.  If you want to know anything about an animal he can tell you! 


Gage Hamm #16
Gage is the Quarterback for the Coweta Varsity. He has
been playing football since the 1st grade. He has several favorite memories. The first is beating Bishop Kelley for the district title last year, The second is seeing Coach McGrath hold the Wagoner trophy up this year after that victory. His future plans are to play college football somewhere and work towards becoming an athletic trainer or a physical therapist.


Michael Fletcher #4

Michael has played football for 8 years.  His current position is linebacker.  This year, he is also serving as one of the Team Captains.  His favorite memory from football was annoying Jaxson Stidham during his entire Junior year.  His future plans are to attend the University of Tulsa and eventually study law. 


Cadence Denton #19

Cadence started playing football in 2nd grade and fell in love with the sport from the beginning.  He has played as a wide receiver/DB all of these years and started for Coweta Varsity for the past 2 years.  Cadence is also one of the team captains this year.  His favorite memory is the bus ride back after beating Bishop Kelly his Junior year.  He loved how hyped up all the players were because they were now #1!  Cadence's future plans are to pursue a degree as an orthopedic specialist and to continue his football career at the college level.


Carter Fuser #12
Carter has played football since third grade. He has enjoyed learning the game and making life long friends, from elementary school throughout high school. One of his very best childhood memories is scoring his first touchdown in third grade. Although he had to sit out for both his sophomore and junior year due to 3 knee surgeries, he has always enjoyed being a part of the team and is so thankful for the encouragement of his coaches and trainers. He is looking forward to his final senior year, playing tight end and linebacker. After graduating he would like to attend OSU and pursue a degree in healthcare.


Dylan Chrisman #34

Dylan has been playing football since the first grade. He currently plays inside linebacker for the Varsity Team. He has loved playing the game next to his best friends all of these years. The win over Wagoner this year was great, but as a Senior, he is cherishing every game just as much. He will be attending college next fall and plans to pursue a law degree.



Tanner Hester #67

Tanner has played for the Coweta Tigers since 7th grade.  He is currently playing Left Guard for the Varsity Team.  His favorite moment for football was beating Wagoner this year.  Tanner loves the sport because he enjoys being with his buds and he finds it fun.  His future plans include going to college.


Braden Doerr #65

Braden has played football for 8 years. He mainly plays defensive end and special teams.  His favorite moment in football was beating Wagoner and celebrating bringing the trophy back to Coweta with the team. Braden plans on attending the University of Oklahoma to pursue a career in meteorology. 


Brok Estes #60

Brok has played football since 1st grade and has been the Center for various Coweta teams since 4th grade.  He has started at Center for 3 years with the Coweta Varsity Football Team.  His favorite moment in football was beating Wagoner for the first time since 2012 and getting to share that moment and trophy with his teammates.  Brok plans on attending Oklahoma State University and joining the Air National Guard after High School.



Luke Morgan #71

Luke began playing football in 4th grade.  He began his football career playing both O line and D line.  He has been the starting Right Tackle for the past 2 years.  Luke's favorite memory is beating Wagoner 37-13 this season.  Luke has played 9 years and enjoys the friendships he has made and the pure enjoyment of the game.  Luke would like to continue playing football at the college level.


Maverick McCollough #79

Maverick McCollough has been playing tackle football for the Coweta Tigers since the 2nd grade.  He currently plays Right Guard for the Varsity Team.  He has played with the varsity team for all 4 years of his High School career.  His favorite memory from football was beating Bishop Kelly during his Junior year when they were picked to lose.  Maverick’s future plans include attending a college (hopefully on a football scholarship) and obtaining a degree in Engineering.  He loves the game, but more importantly he appreciates the friendships of his team mates and the support of his coaches and family.


Stryker Edmonson #56
Stryker has played football since 2nd grade. He now plays for the Offensive Line as a tackle. His highlight for his football career was beating Wagoner this year. Stryker's future plans include going to college but is undecided specifically where at this time. He will probably major in finance or business.


Caleb Phillips #76

At seven years old, Caleb Phillips stepped on a football field for the first time. Here, he found his calling and has never looked back. He currently plays left guard and defensive tackle for the Coweta Varsity Football team-positions he has held since his freshman year. Caleb doesn't have a single favorite moment or memory since he cherishes every day he gets to spend with his teammates, who have become family. He hopes to play football or wrestle in college, receive a degree in education, and become a head coach himself one day. Caleb is serving as one of the team captains this year.


5A-3 District Champions


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