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Hello Tiger Fans!  We have something different to offer you this year!

Want to Advertise your Business AND support your local Coweta Tigers Football Team?

During our home games this year, we will now be using the awesome Neptune system, which offers us the ability to sell radio type ads to be played during warm up and during game time!  YES, ITS EXCITING!  Hear your business severall times over the loud speakers and let the crowd know you support the program and come check out your business!

How does it work and how much does an ad cost you ask?

* Buy One Ad = plays once every 90 minutes which during warm up and game time adds to at least 3 times a game!  $450

* Buy Two Ads = plays twice every 90 minutes gives you at least 6 times!  $700

* Want to EXPLODE your business advertisement? Buy Three Ads = plays 3 times within 90 minutes which lets everyone hear your business OVER 9 TIMES UNDER THE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! $1,000

Contact any Booster Board Member for de"tails" for this great tiger opportunity!  WAIT .... THATS NOT ALL.... Our Booster is a 501c3 organization so your sponsorship/donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!!!  TALK ABOUT 212!!!!!!!  Help us help you. GO TIGERS!!!